Poster Presentation Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting 2013

Evaluation of two automated urine analysis systems (#207)

Jennifer Catania 1 , Fiona Devenish 2 , Susan Lloyd-Jones 2 , Amalie Wilke 2
  1. eastern health pathology, Boxhill Hospital, boxhill, vic, Australia
  2. eastern health pathology, Boxhill Hospital, boxhill, vic, Australia
Eastern Health Microbiology laboratory processes 100 - 120 urine samples per day. Each urine sample has a manual cell count and about 30% of the urine samples have urinalysis performed by dipstick using a semi-automated, non-interfaced method. To reduce  the work and time involved in urine processing, it was decided that a fully automated urine analysis system would be purchased for the laboratory. Two separate systems, The Aution Hybrid AU-4050 (Integrated Sciences) and the Urised LabUMat (In Vitro) were evaluated and compared. Aspects that were examined were: time requirements, ease of operation, reliability of results, size of instrument, consumables requirement, and waste production. Approximately 500 samples were tested using each instrument, with results being compared to manually performed counts and urinalysis. The advantages and disadvantages of each instrument were reviewed, leading to the conclusion that either instrument could be integrated into the laboratory with a resultant reduction in processing time for urine samples.