Poster Presentation Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting 2013

Investigation of some factors related to antibacterial activity of Saudi honey (#204)

Jehan Al abrahaim 1
  1. Princess Norah Bent Abdulrahman, RIYADH, NO, Saudi Arabia

Honey was found to have a curing effect on bacterial species known to cause wound infections. The aim of this research was to study some of the factors related to the antibacterial activity of a variety of Saudi honey. Honey samples from different floral sources, geographic locations, and production season were used. The tested organisms represented both gram positive and gram negative bacteria causing wound infection. A zone of complete inhibition of all bacterial species was observed with honey types Samra (S-W), Samra (W-S), Saha (W-S), Samra (S-S), Sidir (S-S), and Sidir (S-W), and a larger zone of partial inhibition of growth was observed in all tested honey types. It can be concluded that osmolarity is involved in the antibacterial activity of the honey. Acidity might be regarded as being of primary importance. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide was found to play a major role in the bacterial activity of honey.